Friday, August 26, 2005

Where's my flat???

What's the biggest, shittiest, worst duty ever?

Work on your thesis? nope
Welcome Michelle in Paris for a fantastic week end? nope
Try to change a flight when everything is fully booked? nope (that is actually impossible, not even hard)

Nope nope nope... Right now, that aweful task I have to get done is definately trying to find a decent flat for a decent price in Paris. Damnit, I forgot how EXCESSIVELY expensive this wonderful city was!!! 800€?900€? for a 3 room's flat? Don't say it's too expensive, because... That's the cheapest rent you can find, unless you're fine to live in a shared apartment with rats, mice, bed bugs and so on... I guess I'm not totally down for that...mmmmmh no, I guess not. Anyway I just started that big quest, and I'll be working on it till I find that Holly grale I'm looking for! Holy Grale? Well that's just how I call a flat (not a basement, not a rat-hole, not a jail...) that I'm likely to afford...aaaaahhhh I wish me luck, because I'll need some. :D


Blogger Agathe said...

That's so true! Paris is F too expensive! Who would pay 650 Euros for a 30m sq ?!! Come to montreal it's much less expensive and so much fun!...see my blog : did find your flat! (too bad for the elevator! Could'nt breathe at the top...please don't smoke if you want to visit Tom!!LOL)

See you!

1:23 AM  

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